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Pandit Surya Teja
Hand Reading
We have professionals, who are experts in providing the perfect hand reading service to the clients. They can tell the future by reading a person's hand. All the lines on hands in hand has some meaning which any astrologer can predict by seeing.
Face Reading
Even the face is an important aspect of astrology and we are experts in reading the face of a person and tell the future.

Facial bone structure, smile, forehead all are important in predicting the future and remedies are provided for giving solutions for any event which can bring problems to the concerned person.
Past, Present and Future Reading
All types of reading are provided to the customers, in which the past of the person is analysed, present scenario is studied and future is predicted based on that. All the reading is accurate and makes the person’s life better as he gets the solutions for all of his problems.

Our services are necessary for the better quality of life as it helps in better understanding of the situation which he is facing in his personal life.
Evil Spirits
There are many evil spirits which personally disturb a person, it can happen due to some dosha or past karmas. We analyze this and find a solution for this so that the concerned person can cleanse his wrongdoings and lead a happy life.
Black Magic
Black magic is mainly seen in small villages, the person who practices black magic mainly do this, as he wants to take revenge on any person. We provide remedies to break the effect of the black magic.

Here also a person’s horoscope is studied so that we can provide the best solution to break this malefic influence for a peaceful and happy life.
Evil Eyesight
Evil eyesight can create havoc in a person’s life. We are here to provide remedies which can protect the person from the bad effects of the evil eyesight.

Most of the times it will affect if somebody is jealous of the concerned person. We have all the proven remedies which can be beneficial for the concerned person.
All types of Pooja
We are there to give services for all kinds of Pooja like Durga Matha Mahamantra , kali Pooja, Asta lakhsmi, Ashwarya, dhana , dhanya ,santana, yoga, gaja, veera, vijaya, yasho. All these pooja are conducted by our professionals, who understand the complete requirements and conducts a complete process for the benefit of the client.
Maha Vishnu Chakra
Maha Vishnu Chakra service is provided to the clients whenever the clients are going through a tough phase in life and need immediate relief from stress.

This service is very helpful as major problems which are causing stress in a person’s life are removed to bring peace and harmony to a person’s life.
Sudarshini Yantra
The powerful radiations of the Yantra are very helpful when any problem persists in a person’s life for a long time. Lord Vishnu, encircles the person’s life with good vibrations that can relieve a person from mental stress, fear, other health ailments and obstacles.
Attracton (Vashikarna) Pooja
The Vashikaran Puja draws somebody’s state of mind for the benefit of the person who is doing that. It is done so that the person who is practising it complete his needs as well as demands.

We have effective solutions to break this effect and bring back the person to his normal state.



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